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Connect to local stories in Getxo (Biscay)

We showcase the local essence of Getxo as an inspiration for corporate teams and groups on trips and celebrations.

Getxo is a destination with plenty to offer and an identity of its own, located close to Bilbao on the Bay of Biscay. We take you to unique local spots and offer leisure activities. Share the force of the waves, the salt sea air and the scent of tomatoes growing in the fields, music wafted in on the breeze, the cliffs with their clues as to the origin of the world, knowing conversations and inspiration…

All in the form of stories experienced through the essence of Getxo: its people.

Do you want to discover them?

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Getxo Insiders

This is what moves the local specialists who make up the Getxo Insiders network:
offering original ideas for meetings, incentives and events.

Hosts who will open their doors to everybody: from local companies to visitors from all over the world.

We present some of these stories as an inspiration for your visit to Getxo:

  • Getxo means history and a taste of the sea

    Enjoy the views out over the El Abra and the Bay of Biscay from 35 m up on the transporter bridge, the Puente Colgante, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pedal along stately homes as you cycle towards the Getxo Marina. Trim the sails with one of our skippers as you gaze upon our coastline from the sea. Return to dryland to enjoy an aperitif and take a guided visit to the Punta Begoña Galleries built into the headland. End the day with a slow food menu and the taste of the sea.

  • Passion for the sea

    Can you resist it? This is a day that oozes sea, innovation and energy. Jet boards and state-of-the-art water bikes for enjoying the views of Getxo from the water. Enough exercise to work up an appetite and taste the finest seafood and seasonal products right on the quayside, in the heart of the marina, the Puerto Deportivo, in Getxo. Everyone there, your hosts -Getxo’s insiders- will ensure you feel completely at home.

  • This sounds like Getxo

    Gatherings and events at Muxikebarri, Getxo’s new centre for the arts, culture and congresses. And just a stone’s throw away, Getxo’s Puerto Viejo, our old fishing port dating back to the 17th century; a perfect setting to enjoy the local cuisine and atmosphere in all its splendour. On your way down, you will find a few tempting nibbles: a range of traditional shops and bars to regain your strength after a hard working day. It’s time to relax and enjoy the murmur of the waves.

  • Among orchards and palaces

    Experience the contrasts that shape our identity. Enjoy your special moment in a manor house beside the sea with its own in-house catering. Discover the essence of local architecture by arranging a taxi-tour full of contrasts, taking you all the way to Getxo’s rural area. Learn to play the 2nd fastest ball game in the world: the Basque Jai Alai and round up the day enjoying a meal prepared with local ingredients in a 16th century farmhouse, a caserío.

  • Surf & Flysch

    Explore a rocky headland that tells the story of the earth and reveals its possibilities as a setting for special events. Very close by, on the seafront in Ereaga Beach, there are numerous venues for celebrations and a former spa providing accommodation and exquisite local food. In front, the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Biscay are the setting for another local tradition: surfing. Follow paths along the clifftops overlooking the Flysch of Biscay rock formation, rounding off the experience by savouring our homemade tapas called pintxos, washed down by Basque wine, txakoli, in the company of fishing folk and locals in the Old Port, the Puerto Viejo.

  • Beside the cliffs

    This is how we live in Getxo, surrounded by rocks, sand and sea. Find your mindfulness on the clifftop by practising Chi Kung. Follow the guidelines for your personal training provided by a professional runner. Or take a quiet stroll along the coast, learning about the history of the Flysch of Biscay rock formations. Share your experience and discoveries with others as the charcoal is lit for grilling the traditional dishes and products selected just for you.

  • Pure energy

    The area around Arrigunaga Beach is a unique setting that combines sport activities, nature and good food close to the Getxo’s new Conference Centre, Muxikebarri. Learn the art of skateboarding at one of Europe’s best skate parks, and then relax with your feet in the sand practising Tai chi and meditation. Discover the true nature of the local people through the hustle and bustle in its squares, sitting out in terraces that are a mixture of cultures. A world of possibilities beside the sea.

  • A bite-sized challenge

    Do you prefer vermouth or craft beer? What about mussels or goose barnacles? Give them a try, as all these delights are right in front of you beside local food and delicacies for you to savour our traditional fare. To recharge your batteries or after an activity, enjoy our local tapas, called pintxos, and the views of the Bay of Biscay or the tasty grilled meat in a farmhouse dating back to 1863, and end this delicious day by toasting with a gin and tonic. On egin- Bon Appetit!

  • All aboard!

    Would you like to put your team to the test in a regatta in the Bay of Biscay or enjoy a boat trip to admire Getxo from the sea or even discover other areas of Greater Bilbao by sailing up the river estuary, la Ría? Celebrate a meeting or event in the same venue that held the first King’s Cup Sailing Regatta, and find out what it feels like to be a single-handed sailor through the words of a local adventurer. Welcome aboard!

  • Mind, body and … taste

    Discover the possibilities for activities and challenges that the Fadura sport centre provides for groups and wind down afterwards with Japanese shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). End the day with two attractive dining options: one takes us on the trail of the aroma of freshly baked bread that leads to a hotel housed in a stately home, while the other provides the opportunity to enjoy traditional local cooking, savouring a bespoke menu of grilled food. Which one are you going to choose?

  • Gatherings, shopping and slow food

    Discover a unique place for events and gatherings that was inspired by the cliffs on Punta Galea. Following that, we suggest a shopping spree to meet Getxo Insiders in the local shops. Tradition and gourmet products; earrings and t-shirts designed by a local artist; the most recent books by local authors; the latest fashion for skaters. And as a parting gift, a delicious haven for foodies beside the bridge that has been declared Unesco World Heritage Site.

  • Celebrate in a stately home, sail and rest in a mansion

    Two elegant venues for meetings and events: a classic stately home with its gardens and own in-house catering and an award-winning contemporary interior design venue. After the meeting, head out to enjoy a traditional tuna stew called marmitako and explore the bay, or sail up the river to Bilbao. It’s time to look back over the day, enjoying the sea-breeze on the terrace of a Basque mansion converted into a Boutique Hotel, where you can enjoy our traditional cuisine and relax in the sea-air.

  • Friends and neighbours

    What links a stately home converted into a family-run hotel with a maritime tradition, a locally designed brand of handbags of international renown, and a restaurant housed within a villa that reflects 1960s architecture? The answer is the neighbourhood of Neguri, a place that breathes tranquillity, located between two beaches and two ports. An enchanting location and a welcoming ambience. Three insiders linked by their way of doing things: with love.